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Contact center experts
We are contact center "thought leaders" who understand how to manage and improve internal and external call center operations. Our team functions as your performance management, business analytics and insights division all-in-one. We are here to provide your operations teams with technology, analytics and tools that help increase performance. We are a vested partner that works in conjunction with your management and operations teams to support both internal and external processes for maximizing revenues. We develop automated systems and processes designed to improve product knowledge and customer interaction management, enhancing the customer's overall experience.

Shane Jackson

Managing Partner

Experienced VP and COO of both domestic and international contact centers. From leadership to daily operations, Shane has handled every aspect of the business.

Sage Johnson

CX Advisor

Communications and Marketing leader focused on developing and improving customer journey and experience strategies in alignment with business goals.

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Tim Tinnel

Chief Technology Advisor

Our tech executive experienced in diverse environments including digital transformation solutions, cloud computing, agile development, & DevOps practices.