Committed to People, Processes and Performance

  • Our mission is to help our clients turn contact center problems into productive and powerful performance results.

  • Our clients know that a one size fits all solution, software or approach isn’t very helpful. That’s why we work with our clients a little differently. We take a look at your specific contact center pain points and find an efficient, cost-effective solution to help fix them. Clients can leverage our tools and technology or have us work with their existing platforms; either way we can help. We function as a performance management, business analytics and insights division all-in-one. We are here to provide your operations teams with tools and trends that help increase performance.

Our Company Culture

  • We value and respect diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • At Knowledge Rhino, we understand that individual differences benefit and promote the growth and success of our business, employees, partners and clients. We’re committed to creating a culture of belonging within our company and the industry as a whole by encouraging, supporting and recognizing diverse individual viewpoints and contributions. We believe diversity is multi-dimensional, encompassing not just race and ethnicity but gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, experience, age, ability, class and more.