Helping Business Maximize ROI

We understand contact centers, business process outsourcing and customer interaction management because we live in those worlds. As past call center owners, managers and service executives, we have a point of view that comes only from having been in the trenches. Working with us is seamless because we speak the language and understand the industry’s unique business landscape.

Through a robust suite of solutions, we help organizations reduce costs, improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction. We do this by providing insights into customer behaviors that are difficult to determine through traditional performance and QA processes that are designed to manually monitor a small sampling of conversations/interaction. This traditional format is designed to listen and look for agent compliance and procedural criteria and often does not take the customer into consideration beyond call type and disposition.

At Knowledge Rhino, we would work closely with our clients to provide the tools, technology, systems and support for contact center success.


Understand the “hows” and “whys” of your business with speech analytic tools that unlock hidden insights from understanding 100% of voice communications.


Use hosted or premise-based contact center tech options that provide everything from assessments and installation to continual support.


Access real-time conversational intelligence with our award-winning reporting platform for dynamic, easy-to-use, business-critical reporting.


Leverage our understanding of the business. We have been in it for over 25 years and bring that expertise to your business, consulting on all aspects of contact center operations.

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