We have partnered with clients, across multiple industries, to develop and deploy talent, technology and transformative strategies that drive measurable improvements.

Strategic partners dedicated to your success

We understand contact centers, business process outsources, and customer interaction management because we live in those worlds. We are past center owners, operational managers, and service executives, with a point of view that only comes from having been in the trenches. That’s why working with us so easy — we speak your language and understand the unique business needs in this industry.

Focused on facts

We become part of your business, run the numbers & give you data-driven solutions.

Keeping it simple

Big data is big, we simplify data complexity to harness technology advances.

Valued Trust

Being entrusting your brand and business projects is an honor we don’t take lightly.

Long term partner

We’re not interested in the short-term quick fix, we go to the next level of service.

Expert team member

We work with front line managers and executives to create processes, insight and results.

Win-win relationships

When we take on a project, we make sure that our success is tied to your success.

Each business has its own challenges but contact centers are in a class all their own. Many of our clients have been in positions where staff was limited, budgets were tight and resources were not available to improve efficiencies, increase performance and reduce costs. Hiring new team members and training them can take a considerable amount of time and effort. When you bring in a consulting firm, like Knowledge Rhino, foundational processes, procedures and expert know how allow us to hit the ground running to help you solve some of your toughest contact center challenges.

Knowledge Rhino is the consulting solution for companies looking to connect their customers to their brand. Every business is providing a service or product to a customer. And every customer has an experience with a business every time they connect. It is in this connection that Knowledge Rhino comes in to work with companies in just about every industry. From technology and telecommunication to finance, utilities and healthcare, we are on a mission to help our clients succeed. Whether it is online, in a store or on the phone, customers will need support and businesses in every industry need to exceed expectations with every connection to thrive.

Whether your company has 50 employees, 500, or is a start up, we can help. We are creative and flexible problem solvers who do not believe that one size strategy fits all. We help you build long term solutions that uniquely fit your current and future business needs. From contact centers to IT departments across the U.S., our team has consulted with more than 150 companies and managed more than 300 programs.