March 24, 2020

Knowledge Rhino helps minimize the impact of COVID-19 and work-from-home

Companies are sending large numbers of employees home to work remotely. While this helps mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it also taxes corporate infrastructures not designed to support remote access. While businesses are doing their part in this unfolding crisis, they also must ensure continued productivity.

Knowledge Rhino can help by providing business critical solutions.

• Seamless transition to the Cloud provides employees reliable and secure remote access.
• Speech analytics technology takes the burden off already strained workforces.
• Online analytics is accessible from anywhere, so you can stay in front of emerging trends and issues.
• Overlay data with your own internal Operations data (CRM, Marketing, Campaign etc.) to discover new insights.
• Combine data from all vendor reports for individual monitoring, compare/contrast analysis, compliance analysis, SLA analysis and more.

The Knowledge Rhino platform is instant-on, so you can be up and running in days.

A pioneer of simplified integrations, we coordinate and configure automated data feeds from operational data sources to ensure the needs of your remote work force are met. We know you’re faced with a new set of challenges every day. Knowledge Rhino can lessen your stress by providing reliable, accurate, 360-degree data analytics to keep your business moving. The benefits are many:

• Automate data collection.
• Get your data centralized and managed.
• Have everyone looking at one version of the truth.
• Introduce data Governance.
• Eliminate manual reports.
• Reduce the risk of Excel.
• Dramatically reduce developer and IT support costs.

Today, industry experience is more important than ever.

Shane Jackson has been a thought leader in Business Process Outsourcing, Customer Experience and Contact Center for 30 years. As a champion of big data, he helps companies improve business performance to decrease costs, optimize efficiencies, increase revenue and secure customer loyalty.

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