Data Intelligence

Extracting valuable insights

Use customer data, real-time reporting and insights to drive decision making.

Speech Analytics

Improve experiences

Capture conversational data and analyze every interaction to elevate your customer experiences.

Quality Verification

Go beyond the scorecard

Gain an accurate and comprehensive view of your real call drivers and agent performance.

Knowledge Rhino is a managed solutions and technology firm specializing in customer interaction analysis and performance management.

We are here to help your business maximize ROI. Our approach is based on looking at what your unique pain points are and finding an efficient, cost-effective solution to help you fix them. Whether it is poor CSAT, agent retention or outdated QA monitoring practices, we apply our proven methodologies – using speech analytics, data intelligence, AI, and human verification - to turn your problem into a productive and profitable performance result.

Analytics, it's what we do

Our experience

We are customer experience experts with 18+ years of hands-on know how in the contact center industry, working in more than 22 countries and ranging from 25 seats to over 2,500.

Our success

We are entrepreneurial and innovative, with a proven track record of delivering performance with quality for lasting competitive advantage and return on investment.

We provide consulting services, performance management, and technology for contact center success through:

Speech Analytics

Unlock hidden insights by analyzing and understanding 100% of voice communications.

Business Intelligence

Understand your business like never before to drive strategic and tactical business decisions.

Advanced Reporting

Easily access dynamic, business-critical reports designed to keep goals front-and-center.

Best Practices & Process Innovation

Leverage expertise, experience and knowledge to streamline your business for increased success.

Customer Engagement

Create and nurture emotional connections between customers and your brand to build loyalty.

Operational Excellence

Executing strategies that consistently and reliably bring efficiencies and superior service.

Success stories - providing a superior experience through service and attention from start-to-finish.

Enhanced Experience

Case Study: Knowledge Rhino helps a global fresh food home meal provider expand their brand experience into contact center operations with scalable processes for enhanced customer experiences.

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Intelligent Speech Analytics

Case Study: Going beyond traditional Quality Assurance strategies and techniques to reduce operational expense and increasing actional intelligence through customized interaction analytics.

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Big Data Dilemma

Case Study: Leveraging the power of enterprise-class big-data business intelligence takes a great deal of time, resources and understanding to make your data work for your business.

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About Us

About Knowledge Rhino

Contact center experts

Comprised of contact center "thought leaders" who understand and have demonstrated abilities to improve internal and external call center operations.

Skin in the game

A vested partner that works in conjunction with your training and operations teams to support both internal and external processes for maximizing revenues.

Innovative ideas

A developer of automated systems and processes designed to improve product knowledge and customer interaction management, enhancing the customer's overall experience.

We foster a collaborative and dynamic partnership that brings together our talent and technology. We believe that when everyone is working together, success follows.

Shane Jackson

Managing Partner

Experienced VP and COO of both domestic and international contact centers. From leadership to daily operations, Shane has handled every aspect of the business.

Sage Johnson

CX Advisor

Communications and Marketing leader focused on developing and improving customer journey and experience strategies in alignment with business goals.

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